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Mission Statement

   The Coalition of Parent Support "COPS" is state wide, California political advocacy and education organization for those who believe children do best when they have a healthy relationship with both their mother and their father. We believe in joint custody and shared parenting after divorce, accountable and reasonable levels of child support and individual responsibility.
   We sponsor and support legislation that advances our cause, and participate on panels and task forces at both the state and the local level that seek to support parent involvement in all aspects of children's lives.We expect our members to support our mission by making their voices heard in the halls of government. We also support the elected officials who stand for justice, equality and due process of the law, and fight those who don't.


  1. We educate the media on accurate portrayals of non-custodial parents and family law reform.
  2. We sponsor and support legislation that advances the cause of non-custodial parents and giving divorced children a healthy access to both parents.
  3. We educate legislators and policy makers on family law reform to benefit divorced children and non custodial families.
  4. We support legislators that create a California and United States environment that encourages non-custodial parents to be involved with their children.
  5. We support California and United States family law that protects the mental and physical welfare of children.
  6. We provide resources and referrals for non custodial families, parents and children.